Thursday, October 25, 2012

Green With Envy

Our second reception for the groom's side was held last two weeks, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite details with you... 

Sneakery Peekery

The theme was all about green, leisurely pleasures with a touch of glam sprinkled in between, of course! 
|CLICK HERE| to check out the decor photos!

Also, you can see our Solemnization and Bride's Reception decor photos on Ratio Design Facebook page. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cameron Highland

We had a very short honeymoon trip last week to Cameron Highland. Okay well, no, not really, it’s actually a work trip for our next event, our second reception to be precise. We went there a year ago and had such a good time that we were pretty much looking for any excuse to go back.  So when Zul asked if we would go there for plants sourcing I didn’t hesitate.  We’d been wanted to get out since the wedding anyway. Oh by the way, we decided to have more greenery as our concept this time.The result was so good and I just really love it! I'll be sure to post the photos in a couple of weeks - I'm extra excited about this one!.

More on the reception later. So anyway, we ended up staying at The Smokehouse, which is obviously our favourite place so far. We had an amazing time, great teas and lots of laughs. We always have so much fun there. 


I'm wearing Gallo dress, Kristy Ng heels, Topshop handbag and necklace bought from random store in Ho Chi Minh.






Zul was too busy exploring with his camera (as always) and kept pointing out how much bluer the sky is in the morning and how much prettier it is than in the afternoon, when the sun is high and so bright that it takes the colour out of things while I gripped my tea and enjoyed the scones and had to agree. Hahaha.








 And this time we manage to visit the BOH Tea Plantation. Oh well. The place is so cliché, I know! So there's not so much photos for this but just some beautiful scenery and an old mountain home.





Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pretty White

A quick post at Syomir Izwa's for the groom's reception dress fitting. The dress is incredibly gorgeous!