Monday, March 7, 2011

Please join us Saturday, March 12th.

Sorry for no store update this week. :( Nooooo, not because I'm becoming a lazy person or what. The reason is because...


I'll be joining Vintage Bazaar hosted by Stellar this coming Saturday, March 12th! Instead of taking photos and writing up cheesy descriptions I went to thrift stores all week long, so I think that there'll be some extra good things up on the day. :) And the interesting part is... the price range will be as low as RM5!

There will be other super Stellar vintage vendors - ChentaPuteh, Thr5t, Rara Vintage Boutique, AND also Maysaa! Oh my god, I'm super excited! And my friend, Tammy, will be selling her pre-love items (books, shoes and some other stuff).

Some of the photos for The Wardrobe...





P.S: To access to level 10 of the SOHO you guys have to register yourself at level UG security to allow yourself to the top floor of the SOHO floors. Or, you can also ask the concierge counter at level G for further information.

Really looking forward to meeting you guys! :)


  1. Hello! I would absolutely love it if you could check out my vintage etsy shop that I have just started .

    Carol x

  2. great pictures! love your blog.

  3. hi Mas Angelina~ i'm zaza. met u yesterday at the Vintage Bazaar, sorry i'm very shy to confront ppl. haha. it's true! but i was glad to meet u! been following ur blog since from the very beginning u started blogging. i wanted to take some photos with u, but i was so careless brought my camera but left the batt at home! ;(

    but still, hope to see u again!

    Regards, Zaza.

  4. totally superb!! got snap pix wit miss Angel n Hana Tajima! ^_^

  5. Sassi: Thank you dear!

    Zaza: Hi pretty! Ya, I remember... It was lovely meeting you. :) Oh my, thank you so much dear... I will be at Chic Pop this 2nd April, hope you'll be there. :D

    Cik Bucken: Saw the photos! Thanks. :)