Sunday, March 3, 2013

Glamorous Weekend

My nausea is slowly dying down and I am getting some of my energy back. So yay to my first weekend spent in town! The day began with finding the great outfit (pretty darn fancy, I’ll admit), then continued to Markets at Jaya One for some shopping (I got a perfect vintage dress and a dramatic rhinestone necklace that I can’t wait to show you guys...) and had my first ever Brazilian wax (boo!) and finally a proper dinner. It was so hot I can’t imagine wearing more than one uncomfortable item at a time. Not gonna lie, I was limping towards the end there, but I really miss dressing up. I just can’t wait to wear these new Zara pants, Topshop sequins top and the beautiful gold embroidered jacket, and I still can’t believe I found it at a thrift store. The accessories are from Diva and oh the heels, this pair is from Lyn.

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