Friday, April 10, 2009

Reptile Instincts



These great pictures were taken by my super talented friend, Shah (also with my boyfriend). I am so pleased with how they turned out. We pretty much make a good team!

This season's hot python print makes a fierce statement. They are designers’ answers to an animal-friendly way to wear the skins of reptiles. I purchased this vintage python print top at a very low price from an online store. A soft python print makes this top simply gorgeous.

I paired it with shiny sequins for a fun daytime ensemble. These fabulous sequin leggings feature an essential black base with all over sequin design and the classic stretch fit. Although initially the idea of them seems terrifying, the reflective nature of the sequins might actually be quite flattering.

Wearing vintage python print top bought from online store, Topshop sequin leggings, vintage YSL clutch and Nine West oxford heels.


  1. those pics really ARE cool! love them.

  2. oh wow i love ur style!

  3. great pictures and love the outfit!

  4. wow,you're so brave to wear such top and it fits you very well!and and the pix are awesome!

  5. I simply LOVE your top! May i know where you get it? You look so nice and the colours of the photos are so beautiful :)

  6. it's gorgeous...

    beg kau tu santek...

    mane nak beli tuh?

    ade x kat malaysia?

    *dengki aku ko dpt beg2 santek neyh...

  7. *super photographer juge mempunyai flickr iaitu
    weh aku nak upload pic lucah ko.oppp sorry supposdly not to say such things..

  8. sarah: Thank you!

    voguemanie: Thanks love!

    farahkimi: The only reason I wore this top was because I really love the prints. ;)

    Ziling: It is vintage surprisingly. Sweet compliments btw, thanks!

    ewan mohad: Tak beli pon, mak zul yg kasi, btw thanks.

    al shah mohamed adam: Haha, which pic lucah?

  9. Great editing. :P Anyways great top !