Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Eid ul-Fitr...

Eid ul-Fitr will be celebrated tomorrow... I'm so into 'Hari Raya' spirit as you can tell from these photos. Hehe. I'm honestly can't wait for the wonderful things that really make me happy during the festival... Dressing up for the days (Which I couldn't have been more excited), traditional 'Raya' food (I'd always eat so much!) and classic 'Raya' songs... Oh dear, they are just make me sooo nostalgic!

Back to the outfits... I've just got my Raya's outfits a few days back. Yay! Though surprisingly I'm not usually wear these type of outfits, but I'm really so obsessed with Malay traditional costumes. Plus, this is the perfect time you can dress up with extra classic-ness. I don't know if that's true or if I just made it up, but it seems like it should be true. :p Anyway, when I got them, I really did try to save them to wear on the day... Only I couldn't wait. Lol! So I just had to wear the outfits and get a photo session with them.


Boyfie's mom gave me this beautiful vintage 'Baju Kurung Songket' that had belonged to her late mother-in law. Definitely one of the best gift ever! :)


And my boyfriend got me those lovely brooches, called 'Kerongsang Sri Ayu', in antique gold plating and studded with Swarovski crystals. I'm wearing them with 'Baju Kebarung'.


Most wonderful velvet 'Baju Kurung Kedah'.

To all Muslim readers... Hope you all have a fabulous Eid ul-Fitr! xx


  1. happy eid angel..:)

    p/s: weh..td aku lalu dpn umah ko..sunyik je..tp kete ade 4bijik..hoho^_^

  2. Hi Mas Angelina :)

    Thank you for the beautiful feature below, I must say I am deeply honoured to be a part of your bookmarked sites :)
    You looked really beautiful in the traditional outfits here - classic and demure.
    Keep posting inspiring outfits, really looking forward to it!

    ps: Linked you btw! <3

  3. Oh, and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! :)