Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Haircut

A new haircut! I have always been scared of hairstylist and getting haircuts but I felt I kinda need a bit of change... And here I am, with super-short haircut! I'm so freaking proud of myself (just because I'm that lame), as my hair has never been this short. Actually I was so nervous during that day until the hairstylist spent very long hours to cut my hair... The result, my hair came out wonderfully as how I wished it. Great effort by the hairstylist (He is one of the best hairstylist ever). I really love how it looks. :)

Wearing tops and skirt bought from Sevendays, vintage blazer, Diva headband, Topshop belt and heels.


  1. You look supercute! Love the hair!

  2. it's really vute + I love the print mixing!

  3. u look fresh esp with ur skin looking healthy. Glowing.

  4. new hair cut? cantik!!!!