Tuesday, July 17, 2012

H&M Autumn 2012 Showroom Preview

Okay I haven’t been the best at posting these past few weeks, have been so hectic and exhausted but extremely enjoyable weeks! Settled a few things for the wedding (less than two months to go!), helped Zul on his event company and some photoshoot works... I'll update about them soon-ish.

And now... it feels so nice to be at home, finishing the order for Arared's necklaces while posting up an overdue post... H&M Autumn 2012 Showroom Preview. Smirk smirk. Finally! Having the opportunity to visit their showroom was so special – I still can’t believe H&M is finally here!




Standing around talking to Alvin Woo, H&M's Showroom Manager, was easily the most entertaining hour of this entire visit.

The collection is a mix of "Minimalism meets Maximalism..." These are my favourite pieces below!





I can't wait to get my hands on the boxy coats, metallic pants and the sparkly statement jewelry. Sooo much concentrated perfection, I must say. I even tried on some of my favourite pieces! 


Jewel-embellishment top, tucked into metallic tailoring pants, with a boxy jacket, nude pointy pumps and my favourite necklace for an
extra (glittery) fun.

I had a blast trying on everything and loved hanging with the super fabulous H&M crew. 



My outfits on the day... a vintage dress Zul got for me. I love this dress to a degree that I am really trying to make them happen with a shirt... random choice for a dress but it somehow just works.



Paired with my favourite accessories at the moment. Both collar and wedges bought from  Ho Chi Minh.

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