Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Groom's Reception

The last of our wedding film from True Moment. This might explain our entire relationship with green though. He he. :)

Mas angelina + Zul Mazrie Reception from truemoment on Vimeo.

Event Design + Planning: Ratio Design Events & Weddings / Wedding Cinematography: True Moment / Dress: Syomir Izwa / Zul's suit: Syomir Izwa / Hair + Makeup: Anna Moe

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  1. hey sis.. im syafiqah hamdan.. ur very 'loyal stalker'. haha. kidding. ive read ALL entries . since when? since always! i adore u. ur life, ur collections, ur design. u are my inspiration. u're my all. i've never leave any comment on ur post, till today, n this is my VERY first one. SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARUUUU!!! cpt2 dpt baby.. semoga kekal harmoni sehingga ke jannah.. :) happy for u.. xoxo