Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Day in Ho Chi Minh City & Bump Update

I’m home! And here a few shots around the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh. Missing the city already

There was one sunny day there, and it’s required just a t-shirt and a skirt (from Topshop) and a vintage outerwear to add up some colours. I wore heels a couple times for outfit post purposes but spent most of the time in flats because we were really spending the remainder of our free time trying to see as much as possible, which included Notre Dame Cathedral, Hotel de Ville, Central Post Office and numerous historic French buildings and of course the markets.

It really took a lot of walking there. Luckily, I’m TOTALLY waaaay better this week, thank God! I can eat mostly all food again and the smell of cooking foods doesn’t make me want to kill someone anymore, ha ha ha! 

Oh and for those who asked, the baby now is in week 20 and half way through my pregnancy! I can’t believe it! And heeey speaking of it, guess what, we will be expecting a beautiful baby boy sometime in August (InsyaAllah)! We still can’t decide the baby’s name yet, but in the meantime, we are calling my bump Beau which means dandy/handsome in French. He he, so say HELLO to Baby Beau everyone! :)

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