Friday, June 21, 2013


My latest favourite designer discovery  Bellaruddin.  Based in Mutiara Damansara, the founder, Nabila, launched the brand designing from custom-made dresses for weddings, engagements and other events to ready-to-wear pieces. Oh and they're also offered service for embellishments (beads and laces) for your ready-made clothes too. 

I love her youthful appeal with a modern twist, plus the dreamy palette and the barely-flashy metallic accents that add a hint of glamour to your look. Considering all of that, I am beyond thrilled to bring this fantastic designer to your attention, featuring a few of my favourite pieces from their Jewel and Empire collection. I’ve got myself the Coral Blow in jewel green with mix of sequins, which I love, of course! 

The dress was done perfectly and I’m—somewhat impatiently—waiting for Beau to come out, as I can’t wait to wear it! Yes, in my final trimester (I'm roughly the size of a killer whale now) and with almost nothing fit me, I still had avoided having to wear maternity or even one size bigger than my regular clothes. Hahaha. 

Anyway be sure to check out their Facebook page here, to shop some of their collection’s standout pieces! 

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  1. Bellaruddin are specially made for Muslim girls and ladies. Colors are splashing and cool for this season. It's simple yet beautiful.