Monday, December 13, 2010

Lot 10 Rooftop

IMG_8422a (2)

IMG_8422a (3)

This cardigan is my new obsession. Ah, I love leopard prints by the way. :p I'm wearing this as an outerwear with my new dress that I bought from Topshop last month. Such an easy and fun outfit because it brightens up my all-black-day.

IMG_8422a (7)


IMG_8422a (5)

Wearing Miss Selfridge cardigan, Topshop dress, vintage handbag and Aldo pumps.

IMG_8422a (6)

Beautiful scenery at Lot 10 Rooftop, a little bit unexpected with jungle-like plantation.


  1. takde facebook ke... hmmm... susah nk tau u update blog coz im not familiar w bloglovin

  2. try smiling properly for once. there's no need for the annoying pout.

  3. U Look cute enough in smiling that way dear!
    Annoying maybe to those who jealous :)
    Keep on posting hun...

  4. Nice dress. haven't saw printed stuff for awhile but u have done it very well. :)

  5. for once anon, shes wearing braces, thats y the smiles coming out like that.


  6. Ummu Hurairah: Hey, u can find me on facebook, Mas Angelina. :)

    Husna: Thanks Husna!

    Ellis and Reen: Thanks so much, that means a lot. Ugh, you know, I really think there really isn't a right or wrong way to smile. :)

    Anastasheeka: Aww, thank you dear...