Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Arared at Urbanscape



You see, once I post the sneak peek pictures, I've got so many feedback (and advance orders too!) through Facebook and email about the collection. I know it’s hard to stop thinking about all the new pieces coming into the store. So to get you just as excited as I am, I'm bringing you Arared's pieces at the Urbanscape this coming Saturday, July 16th! Be prepared to have your own of our first collection: tops, skirts, dresses, palazzo pants jumpsuit, and statement necklaces. And the pieces that everyone keep asking me about? Well it would be the kimonos.

And don't forget, we're still have our vintage pieces and this time,we bring loads of beautiful dresses!

Abstract Maxi1 Kimono Dress1
Jumpsuit2 Butterfly2
Kimono in Purple3 Kimono in Orange1
Studded Top Orange1 Studded Top Nude3

We hope you’re loving these new Arared's pieces as much as we are!

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